Ken Hind is an experienced traffic and transport planner who has gained his experience across a variety of organisations and positions over a twenty five year period.

Traffic Matters provides the flexibility for Ken to work off-site or in your office, as required, in order to fulfil the assignment. This can be carried out for short and long term assignments, whether full time work or on the basis of selected days, depending on your budget and is a perfect fit for when you need additional staff resources during extended leave absences, extra short term workload or special projects.

Some of the services offered include:

Traffic engineering advice (LATM, traffic committee reports)

DA Traffic Assessments

Transport Planning (bus operations speciality)

Traffic Studies

Traffic Impact Assessments

Ken has experience gathered from working as a traffic engineer and transport planner in local government, assessing local area traffic management schemes, planning the road and transport network for a major new residential release area in the north west of Sydney and investigating and reporting on traffic management matters


His work in the consultancy areas has included public transport planning (bus operations, bus priority measures assessment, interchange assessments), traffic impact assessments, technical team leadership, staff mentoring and project management including forward planning for projects. He has also undertaken numerous types of consultation including presentations to technical forums, community groups, internal and external stakeholders and direct consultation with key stakeholders.

His work as a consultant has seen him involved in traffic management and traffic impact assessments for new developments and the planning for improved bus priority in Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra. He has also undertaken contract work for Roads and Maritime Services (then RTA) providing traffic management services representing the RTA on a number of local traffic committees, undertaking road safety investigations and traffic management assessments regarding the impacts of new developments and reviewing traffic reports provided by developers.

His experience has also included bus planning and operations while working as the Business Development Manager and General Manager for a major Sydney private bus operator, Westbus, including the development of a new and highly successful cross regional bus route, being involved on committees in the planning of spectator bus services for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and management of the operations of the company during the busy Olympics period.